My name is Yasaman Sharifzadeh born in 1986. I graduated in Directory of Theater from Fine Arts faculty in Tehran university in (2011). I also passed a professional filmmaking course under late Abbas Kiarostami direction and subsequently started filmmaking. in 2013 I won the Best Art Direction prize in the International Free Sprite Film Festival in India. At the meantime I participated in some other festivals while I was working in jewelry design and handmade single edition silver jewelry field.

I started self study about Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning,
Then I studied and researched the different types of artificial intelligence and the best applications of each, and finally came to the conclusion that as a painter, digital artist and art director, working with neural networks is very enjoyable for me. I used my hand-drawn or digital drawings as the initial data, and by changing the settings, I finally achieved an acceptable output, and again, by combining with the branched drawings as a child, I tried to achieve the desired and final output. What is most challenging for me and I would like to do more practical experiments on it is what effect the prevalence of using artificial intelligence in my country, Iran, which is one of the cradles of traditional art, will affect the vision of traditional artists in the future.

I used to have some activities in traditional painting as well as sculpturing when I was a teenager and had my first exhibition when I was 15.
In digital painting I never use light pen and all my paintings are created just with fingers because I’d like to convey my feelings and imaginations to the sheet without any intermediaries paying much attention to the style just like not using a brush in traditional painting. I get a sense of liberation in this way. My collections are a kind of digital puzzles contain usually 12 pieces of digital frames. With AR video as a surprise when all pieces sold out will activate.
Currently I am working on Hybrid Art and creating some unique artworks by using Artificial Intelligence and researching about how Al can affect on artworks and artists’ insight in the future.
In 2021 I am going to have an interesting exhibition about 3D painting.
As a matter of fact، I have been into Blockchain and self-study about this awesome technology since 2016.


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AI Artist , NFTs collector and creator, Entrepreneurial Artist